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Mexican Cafe

About us

Amorelia Mexican Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant that is committed to providing the tastiest Mexican food in Costa Mesa, CA. There are plenty of restaurants that offer a taste of American Mexican food, but you haven't really tried Mexican food if you haven't tried what we have to offer. Mexico offers a large variety of dishes, and they all vary from state to state and from north to south, but in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico the food tastes like Heaven. Whether you are arriving just in time for breakfast or are visiting for a late romantic dinner, we can promise that the flavors you will find in our meals are difficult to find elsewhere, unless of course you are taking a trip south of the border, but very far south.

If you would like to celebrate a big event for your family with our help, please call today! If Mexican food is what you're craving for your mid day meal, come on in for lunch. Some people love the taste of the spices and dishes that come from Mexico, and for those people, Amorelia Mexican Cafe offers you a taste of Michoacan right here in your own town of Costa Mesa, CA. There is no need to make a trip down south at the moment, when the food you know and love is to be found just a few blocks away.

Our Mexican cafe has been in business since 2010, and over these few years, we have gained a large clientele of people who know where the best Michoacan food can be found. It's like the capital of Michoacan is here in California and not in the lovely country of Mexico. For those who can't travel too far to try new food and new flavors, we invite you to visit Amorelia Mexican Cafe, whose name makes reference to the origins of the food offered. Morelia, Michoacan is home to wonderful people and amazing food and upon a visit to our Mexican cafe, you will find the same.

Our staff will provide you with friendly and prompt service. Our atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and at peace as you sip one of our top shelf tequilas. And of course, the food that you order will make you want to come back to this Mexican cafe again and again. Since customer satisfaction is one of the first things that matters to us, we do hope that everything is to your liking. We can say as much as we want about our food, but you won't really understand what we are talking about until you try it for yourself. Drop what you're doing and come on in to try the food served in Amorelia Mexican Cafe. We think you'll enjoy it!